One Piece: The Tattered Raven Pirates

Acquisitions of the Pirate Kind pt. 1

A week has passed in Windless, the crew has kept to themselves. The only person to really know of their presence is the inn keeper Linda, who greets them for each meal. Sii and Joe have scouted the docks and Eva plans to make her move to acquire their new cook.

The morning sun climbs higher into the sky as Joe and Sii walk the docks again in their search of a ship.  Sii unwilling to spend their full million Beri's on a ship from the town Shipwrights, tries, once again, to infiltrate the Marines ship that has been docked here for some time, sadly to no avail as a couple members of the crew shout at him "Hey, get off the damn ship! We aren't going to tell you again."

Joe just sidles down the dock, ignoring the shouts from the different crews as Sii continues to monkey his way across the different ships. He stops suddenly seeing a new ship in the docks, a Cat Ketch design that clearly looks like it will outrun most ships. "Oh dear. I know that ship… BOUNTY HUNTERS!" he mutters to himself.  He quickly gets Sii's attention and motions him to come over.

Sii see's Joe making a subtle motion to attract his attention and swings down from the crows nest of a nearby ship, the crew clearly exasperated in their attempts to shoo him away finally sigh in relief.  He drops down next to Joe "What's up?" he leans in and asks amused by his own actions.

Joe points towards the bounty hunter ship, "We have a problem. That there is a bounty hunter ship, and they may be here for me."  Sii just nods and saunters off towards the ship.  Joe watches with an expression mixed of horror and amusement as Sii disappears onto the ship without the slightest glance from anyone.

Sii slips onto the ship, using the direction of the sun to shield his movements from prying eyes that would try to notice.  He moves carefully and slowly peaking into each room as he goes, finding this ship houses two people, one of which is still on the ship sleeping in his cabin.  He moves down into the heart of the ship to find all manners of equipment from shackles to torture devices.  He makes note that these guys should not be trifled with as he makes his way back to Joe.

Joe spots Sii stepping off the boat and begins to kind of walk away as he lets Sii catch up. "Well it is most certainly a Bounty Hunter boat" Sii says as he finally catches up.

"You don't say?" Joe just rolls his eyes "It's also the fastest boat here."


Eva enters the The Willow Inn and is immediately greeted by a warm "Hello Eva!" from Linda, the proprietor. "Where's the rest of your crew?" she asks as she looks passed Eva seeking the other two.

"They are on other business today." Eva just shrugs and begins to move passed Linda to their usual table.

Linda follows "Shall I get Gaz on the grill for you?"

"That would be lovely, thank you." Eva sits and looks back towards the kitchen.

"Gaz! Eva is here, put your best into it!" Linda shouts back

Eva sits patiently, waiting for her meal while contemplating how she will acquire Gaz as her cook.  Soon Linda comes out with a plate of well prepared salmon, sets it in front of Eva "Please do enjoy Eva."

After enjoying the Salmon very much, Eva sets coin on the table to pay for her meal and steps back into the kitchen.  She scans the kitchen, her experience and age making note of the back door for her exit and any sharp utensils that she may see before setting her gaze on Gaz. "Compliments to the chef! The salmon was lovely."

"Well thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it." Gaz looks up from her prep work.

"What's a cook of your talents doing in a place like this?" Eva gives a slight smile, her captains wiles setting in, knowing she is going to walk out with what she wants.

"Well this isn't my dream by far. I want to open a restaurant of my own one day." Gaz's eyes settle on her knife, it is beginning to show it's age, even though she does her best to maintain it.

"A restaurant you say? Where would you want to go for that?" Eva leans against a counter, her view of both doors clear.

"Honestly I don't know, somewhere I can have good traffic and source of food." Gaz honestly hasn't thought about it, thinking her ambitions to be out of her reach.

The sparkle in Eva's eyes gleams, she has her "Have you ever thought of the Grand Line?"

"I have, though the stories I hear from travelers it is no place for me to go by myself." Gaz eyes Eva, wondering what she's getting at. 

"Well what if you could?" Eva already is readying herself to leave, knowing the answer.

"I sense you're offering me something?" Gaz cautiously begins to stow her stuff.

"Am I?" Eva makes the slightest motion for Gaz to follow and strides out the back door.

Quickly Gaz gathers her things, stuffing all but her knives carelessly into her bag, scooping up her axe that leans against the wall next to the back door and with a short "I'm leaving Linda!" Gaz follows after Eva without a second thought.


To Be Continued. 



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