One Piece: The Tattered Raven Pirates

The Story Begins

The Tattered Raven Pirates!

The story begins in the town of Windless, Eva, Sii, and Joe are looking for a ship and a cook.  Eva is the former captain of The Raven Pirates, though her last trip into the Grand Line left her crew scattered to the wind.  Sii the only remaining member of the former Raven Pirates, loyal to the end, recruited Joe a shipwright from a former crew many years ago.

Eva will not be beaten so easily and she seeks to strike out as quickly as possible for the Grand Line again, so she has given Joe carte blanche to seek out their next ship, and when he finds the ideal candidate they will take whatever means necessary to acquire it.  In the mean time they still need a cook, and the crew thinks they saw a potential candidate, a young lass by the name of Gaz, in the nearby inn "The Willow"

Though danger lies on the horizon and they must be quick, for setting sail may become more difficult as time goes on. It feels as though a shadow sets on the horizon as a ship makes its way into nearby waters, heading for the town of Windless. 



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