Gaz Amethyst

The Cook for the Tattered Raven Pirates


Gaz is 5 feet 10 inches with dark tan skin and red wild hair that goes down to just below her shoulders. There is an old burn scar on her left shoulder that goes down her arm to the elbow. She wears a simple white shirt with a dark brown vest and blue pants with a belt that holds her blacksmith gear or her throwing axes. She doesn’t wear any footwear. She also carries a two-handed axe that she made herself.


Gaz was born in a mountain side village that was known for its ores and metal craftsmanship. Growing up she was taught the village tradition and while she was good at it she wanted to pursue something else. Gaz felt really proud when she made a meal that others enjoyed. Especially when the meal was made out of the animals she was able to hunt. When she was Twenty-two she left her village to go make her dream come true. To run a restaurant where she served food she hunted and made herself. But it seemed the world had other plans for her. After several …minor setbacks Gaz now works at an inn in what she considers to be the lowest point of her life.

Gaz Amethyst

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