Captain Eva Navarre

The Captain of the Tattered Raven Pirates


Hailing from a wealthy merchant family, Eva became accustomed to running her family’s business, spearheading most of their day-to-day operations. Having a gift for navigation from a young age, she discovered many of their most lucrative trade routes within the world, and even made pacts and bargains with many of the sea’s pirates in exchange for treasures and difficult to find commodities to ensure safe passage through known pirate territory.
Through a series of natural disasters and catastrophic losses, Eva was cast upon the world, the loss of her family and business leaving not much in way of political movement for her, and thus she turned to piracy as a lower shipmate of a lesser known pirate. Fighting her way up from the bottom rung of his operation through wits and her natural affinity for sailing and under the table dealings, she very quickly became first mate, and soon after, Captain.

She has spent her career trying to regain the prestige of her former life, and the wealth that came with it, and her aspirations have given birth to a desire to be respected almost as a supernatural entity, a ghost. She’ll do whatever it takes to make her family (crew) as wealthy and infamous as possible.

Captain Eva Navarre

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