Supply Chief and Medic for the Tattered Raven Pirates


My size has benefited my negotiation by intimidating most into talking with little show of aggression and violence.


Parents were “antique” dealers. The more exotic the better. I think I was seen more as a useful oddity within their lives than a child. They kept me feed, clean, and housed … the rest was up to me, and information only flowed in one direction.

I fancied myself a proper smuggler in my youth. The parents had me running their deliveries as early as I can remember. I loved it. Everyone talked to me. Soon I was running all kinds of “deliveries” on the side. Only natural I’d become a pirate. Never shook the draw of exotics tho. (the twinkle in my eye is the vision of a massive stockpile of DevilFruit:)

I enjoy finding what is needed and obtaining it in the fashion that benefits my side the most.


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